DVD 2 - GETTING STARTED AND MOVING ON    Reg $15.00  $10.00 
35 minutes - Cardio and Toning for those new to exercise. 
You have the option of performing all of the exercises in a chair or standing. This begins with a warm-up then move on to an interval workout rotating between cardio and toning exercises. Light Abdominal and stretching exercises at the end. Light weights are optional. 
DVD 3 - GETTING TO THE CORE                           Reg $20.00     $15.00
(Beginners, Intermediate) 
3/20 minutes workouts- Cardio/Strength/Core-(Those Abs) 
First, the cardio is a basic easy to follow aerobic routine. This will burn calories, stimulate the blood and improve your heart and lungs. 
Next, the strength training is for building muscle and burning fat. You have the option of using no weights and just your own body weight to using dumbbells and or a barbell. You work every major muscle in 20 minutes. 
Last, is the Core work focusing on developing “those abs”. You will work on your core area between the ribcage and the hips. That is the front, side (love handles) and the back of your core. This is a split between standing core work and floor work. At the end there is a complete stretch. 
DVD 4 – BASIC YOGA-PILATES MIX                           Reg $15.00      $10.00
(Beginners to Intermediate) 
35 minutes workout - Yoga-Pilates
The 35 - minute workout is a mix of some basic yoga and Pilates Mat work. There is some standing and floor work on toning, balancing and flexibility. Some of the standing exercises can be done sitting in a chair if necessary. Ending with a breathing and relaxation exercise.  
DVD 5 -TOTAL BODY SCULPTING                               Reg $25.00        $15.00
(Intermediate Advanced) 

60 minutes - Build Strong Muscles and Bones and Burn Fat

You will work every muscle in your body including the abdominal muscles. At the end there is a complete stretch. Recommend using dumbbells and/or a weighted barbell. You can use a bench or a step for support with some of the exercises. 

DVD 6 - CARDIO BLAST BOOTCAMP                         Reg $25.00        $15.00 
(Intermediate to Advance) 

60 minutes - Burn Calories, Build Strength & Endurance

This begins with a 30 minute fast paced aerobic routine. The second part is a 15 minute cardio-kickboxing routine. The third part is 10 minutes of toning with light weights and abdominal work. Ending with a complete stretch.
DVD 7 - POWER YOGA-PILATES                                  Reg $25.00        $15.00

60 minutes - Mix of Yoga and Pilates Mat work

This advanced workout focuses on strength, balance, flexibility. It flattens, tones, and lengthens the core area (the mid-section). Includes the Sun Salutations positions. At the end there is a 5 minute meditation training in deep breathing and relaxation.  

 DVD 8 - STEP TO IT PHILLY                                       Reg $15.00      $10.00
(All Levels)  

29 - minutes - All New Fun Cardio Line Dance.  

This is a 12-min short version and 12 min. long version, followed by a 5 min. stretch. Plus a Bonus 30 minutes of practice music. You will not feel like you are working out! (Step by step instructions included.) 

All of the workouts are done to the beat of soulful, motivating music. 

All of these DVD workouts are produced and instructed by Haneefah Salim.  Note from the producer:  Use caution when beginning this or any exercise program as you are exercising at your own risk.  It advisable to consult your physician before beginning any vigorous exercise program. All Rights reserved by Haneefah Salim. 


"Getting You Fit From the Core"

60 mintues - Bone Crackling, Muscle Flexing workout -All Levels                     

These Seated Therapuetic Exercises  Stimulate Energy; Release Stress from Body and Mind; Unwind Joints, Muscles & Nerves. This is a complete workout which includes stretching and breathing and  relaxation techniques all while seated.