Online Personal Training (At A Very Low Cost) Includes: Fitness Assessment, Workout Plan and Healthy Eating Plan with weekly followups and consultation.

Personal Training
Fitness Life Pro provides personal training for individuals desiring a more personalized exercise program. A Personal Trainer will provide you with a unique exercise program designed just for you and be with you, coaching your workouts and encouraging you every step of the way.

Small Group Personal Training
Small group training offers you a chance to interface with a Personal Trainer at a very affordable price.  The small group training classes differ from our other, regularly scheduled classes in that the number of participants is limited, the duration of the class is limited, and the purpose of the training is specific to the class participant’s goals, and not just for general fitness purposes.

Fitness Assessments
A fitness assessment is a series of measurements that help determine physical fitness. There are several standard tests in a fitness assessment. The Assessor will determine the need for other tests in order to achieve a greater picture of fitness or lack thereof.

Family Friendly Fitness
Whether you are planning a large family reunion or a small gathering we offer your choice of fun and easy to learn group fitness and dance sessions such as: Steppin/Line Dance, Strength Training, Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates and Ballentone (Ballet techniques for toning the body) for the entire family.

Health & Fitness Retreats and Conferences
Group fitness classes, health and fitness workshops and quick fitness assessments can be held at your fitness retreat or conference center. We will work with you to design a package that is right for you.

Specialty Sessions
Ballet Yoga and Pilates: This is a mix of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates techniques for a dynamic body sculpting workout. 

Dancercise: You get a great cardio workout through a variety of group dances.  

Fit Kids: Exciting, Fun Exercises and Healthy Eating information that is designed for to keep the interest of the youth. 

Seated Exercises: A complete workout can be done while seated for those with permanent or temporary limitations. We cover cardiovascular work, resistance training, abdominal work, stretching and Yes, even Yoga right from the chair!
"Getting You Fit From the Core"